Friday, August 5, 2011

Potty Training, again - Crazy Mom or Motivated Mom?

So, we like potty training around here. Ok, so maybe I do. It is a great time for me to get to know my child's temperament and how to work best with it. It is also a great opportunity to teach my children how to work together as a family to help each other overcome personal challenges.

At 17 months it sounds a bit early to some and surely late to others but with a post, I am accountable.

Current Status
This past week we have been letting her run around without a diaper and putting a potty movie on as often as we can remember. Whenever she has to poop or pee I have been extra diligent on getting her to put it in the potty. Upon waking and prior to going to sleep or nap we always do a potty check. I keep treats (pez) on hand to motivate. Two things that help are her brother and sister who gets treats when she does for "good aim" as long as they praise her efforts. We talk often about putting our pee pee and poo poo in the ... (and she finishes the sentence). I also took everyone shopping where she picked out her own underwear in front of everyone to really get her and everyone else excited.

We start homeschool on Monday for Kindergarden, a touch of preschool, and it is Potty Day. My youngest will get to open her underwear that is wrapped up and we will all blow out candles on a cake. A potty day/first day of school cake. Woah you might say, however my thoughts are the schedule of the school day might just keep us in line to take 1/2 hour breaks for the potty and we are homebound for the most part.

More to be posted after Monday. If you you have just a moment, please say a prayer for "nice mom" to be on hand when there are more than say five things going on at once. :)

More to come on Monday....

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Grandma Z said...

"Nice Mom", you are up to the challenge! I love how you get everything ready and prepped to do the challenge, involve the whole family in the process and the rewards, and then perform the challenge. Iknow you will succeed.