Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Baby Gift Basket Ideas

This is the time of life where women everywhere are having babies, and I have to say I love it.
There are meals to bring and diapers to offer and sweet celebrations everywhere.

For a few friends I was too slow to get on the make a meal list, so I decided that I would do something a little different. Think of it as a "You Don't Have To Go To The Store Cause I Did" basket.

If you want it to be REALLY GOOD, do some research prior to delivery asking about favorites in a nonchalant way. It can still be successful if you remember to do the research or not. There are a few different kind of baskets as well. Feel free to comment with more ideas.

First Baby Basket Ideas
Homemade Cookies, Milk, Eggs, Bagels, Cream Cheese, Granola or Protein Bars, Fresh Fruit, About Your Baby Book, Magazine, Burp Cloths, Socks, Chocolate, Wine, Foot Scrub, Foot and or Leg lotion, Big Cup With Straw for Ice Water (preferably no spill), Box of Tissues, Journal, Pen, Hair Ties

First Baby Basket And Newly Married or Easily Embarrassed by Bodily Functions Basket Ideas (this should be presented as early as possible)
Ibuprophin, Cold Face/Eye Pack, Socks, Maxi Pads (the Xtra Large ones), Preparation H Pads and/or Cream, Nursing Pads, Lansolin Nipple Cream, Aveeno Bath Soak for special sids baths, Chocolate, Big Cup With Straw for Ice Water (preferably no spill), Box of Tissues, Hair Ties, Journal, Pen

You Have Other Kids to Think About Basket Ideas
Anything that is an easy meal grab for breakfast or lunch for the other kiddos.
Homemade Cookies, Milk, Bagels, Cream Cheese, Granola or Protein Bars, Frozen Pancakes, Syrup, Fruit, Not Too Messy Cookies, Rice Krispy Treats, Yogurt or Gogurt, Freeze Pops, Cheese and Crackers, Specially Wrapped Chocolate just for MOM (this can be done by hiding it in a Frozen vegetable box that has been emptied of veggies and resealed after chocolate filler), Coffee, Wine, Big Cup With Straw for Ice Water (preferably no spill)

As you might be aware, feel free to mix and match and make the basket as little or big as you like. You know your friends well enough to make any gift basket great.

Extra tips...
  • Start stocking up on things that have coupons or go on sale prior to the baby coming.
  • Basket Wrapping Option 1 - Find a basket that is perfect size to hold diapers and wipes in a downstairs or nearby location
  • Basket Wrapping Option 2 - Find a basket that has a handle so mom can keep her "just had a baby" stuff with her at all times.
  • A basket that can be stored in the car for the "oh boy" moments had by all new and experienced Mamas.
Happy Shopping!

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Grandma Z said...

What a great corporal work of mercy! This is action at it's finest. In the Divine Mercy Chaplet, it says prayer is
important, but God also wants us to take action. What a loving way to help others. And Kelly you are one of the Finest! So glad and proud to call you my "daughter"!