Monday, August 15, 2011

Magazine Fun for Kids and Little Kids

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Here is a great deal on National Geographic Kids Magazine. One day left to benefit with the $8.00 annual subscription. Gift option available as well.
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This is for kids ages 6-14. If you have younger kids, wait until the little kids magazine is on sale Aug 18th. I will post more then. It is geared toward 3-6 year olds. (Not sure of the price just yet) You cannotbe a current subscriber.

National Geographic Kids for $8.00 annual subscription

Quick ideas for using them.

Claim Naptime Back
Let the kids have 1/2 hour in their rooms where the rules are they can think, read, or pray. Set an alarm clock that they know the time is never ending. The first few times, I have had to sit with them reading so they were not mistaken on expectations. If they don't obey the rules, we add five minutes to the alarm clock each time. In a week or less they got it and I got my 1/2 hour of quiet which is apparently all I need!

Daddy Time
When Daddy first comes home and you need some time to finish dinner prep.
Motivation for Daddy to put your sweethearts to bed.
Discussion pieces for dinner time.

Car Rides
These are small enough to keep in the pocket of the seat backs - great motivators for zoo trips.

Getting Mail
My little darlings always want to know if they got mail and my sweet husband would give them junk mail stating it would have their names on it. Now that they are getting older, this trick isn't working as well and they just LOVE getting mail. Just like I did when I was little and my mother signed us up to be part of the "Alabama" fan club. What a sweet woman.

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Grandma Z said...

I love the potty training updates. And what a great price for a year subscription fro the kids magazine. Less than $1 per month.
I'll keep checking for your updates on the potty training. Mom and little one are doing very well so far. Keep up the good work!