Friday, November 5, 2010

How to save vertical blinds from kids

In finding a quick and easy way to fix those venetion blinds at my back door that seem to fall right off at the mere glance from my sweet children....

What you need? - A toothpick and clear packing tape

What is the fix?

Well the reason your blind fell off is one little piece of plastic holds another and neither of these pieces can hold the weight of a 4 year old monkey as well as a real vine might. Most of the time the plastic on the blind itself breaks right off.

Simply tape the toothpick at the very top of the blind where the old plastic came off to replace the plastic 'hook' that use to be there. Then poke a hole in the tape where the clear opening is. The blind will go in the same way it used to.

Yep, it doesn't have to be pretty to be functional. Remember, it is up high in an area that people don't look to see. If by the off chance they do see your handy work, that is exactly what they will be thinking.... "my what handy work"!


Michael said...

Brilliant! Last place we lived had two levels of wall to wall vertical blinds and our twins learned to walk pulling up on them to see out the windows. Would have saved a fortune...or some privacy...depending on our attention to home appearance at given points in time :)

kaylagotsch said...

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